Skating frame
Skating frame High precision CNC manufacturing, ultralight, strong structure, good flexibility, fit for most brand of skates, especially made for indoor speed skating sports. Learn more
Skating frame
High-end skate and skateboard bearing
High-end skate and skateboard bearing CSFM Sports bearing is especially made for skate and skateboard. Unlike other bearing manufacturers, we have been working with many worldwide skate and skateboard brands by offering them OEM service. During the past few years, we have developed 5 balls, 6 balls, 7 balls, 8 balls and 9 balls for fitting different kinds of races. Our R & D team and fully automated equipment support bearing customization. Along with experience, high precision materials, and different high density cages, we are able to push the skating bearing quality to a new level which is far ahead of skate bearing industry, light weight, fast speed, excellent performance offer skater best experience of skating. Learn more
Latest News
Inline Skate Wheel Buying Guide
Apr.17.23 no single inline skate wheel will work best for all skaters and no one wheel will work best in every situation. Small details such as your weight, skating surface and even temperature are all factors that can cause your friend to love a wheel that you hate.
Dual pour inline speed skating wheel
Oct.12.21 Through a large number of formulation experiments and tests, we are glad to inform you that we are finally ready for dual pour speed skating wheel production and sales. wheels include sizes 110MM, 100MM and 90MM. The wheel with the modification formula of hardness, rebound and grip have made excellent improvements, send us an inquiry and let's start customizing wheels for you.